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Linting your content using Vale

Most of my experience has been working with organizations that heavily invested in DITA infrastructure. During my time with IBM, we used to depend upon Acrolinx checker to be our pseudo-editor. If you have ever used Acrolinx, you know the ease of use it offers. For organizations that invest in the docs-as-code methodology, mostly startups, might find it quite an investment to indulge in Acrolinx, and that too for the TW team (budget for TW team?

Hypothesis - Web annotator in your Browser

Reviewing documentation is a crucial step for any writing process. You can review your own work and reflect, or sometimes reach out to someone who can make this process easier. With an integration of MS office and Adobe Acrobat, you can churn out a decent enough document to send out to the world, but the assumption here would be that everyone has a similar setup. If your reviewers are connected to the internet and the documents are available for a review online, Hypothesis can actually make the process of reviewing and aggregating comments a lot easier.