Linting your content using Vale

Most of my experience has been working with organizations that heavily invested in DITA infrastructure. During my time with IBM, we used to depend upon Acrolinx checker to be our pseudo-editor. If you have ever used Acrolinx, you know the ease of use it offers. For organizations that invest in the docs-as-code methodology, mostly startups, might find it quite an investment to indulge in Acrolinx, and that too for the TW team (budget for TW team?

Hypothesis - Web annotator in your Browser

Reviewing documentation is a crucial step for any writing process. You can review your own work and reflect, or sometimes reach out to someone who can make this process easier. With an integration of MS office and Adobe Acrobat, you can churn out a decent enough document to send out to the world, but the assumption here would be that everyone has a similar setup. If your reviewers are connected to the internet and the documents are available for a review online, Hypothesis can actually make the process of reviewing and aggregating comments a lot easier.

Attachment parenting: Curse or boon in the new age

I just came across an interesting article about how most parenting advice given on the internet in mostly false or factual. How did I land there? Well my daughter is stuck to me at the hip for the better part of the day and I wanted to know if it is normal for kids to be that attached to parents. Digging through multiple articles, this one just caught my attention. On the whole it looks like an advertisement of newly launched parenting website in a disguise of telling parents how all the information available on the internet is not great to follow.

Baby sleeping technique that work for the baby

In my previous article, are you trying to make your baby schedule to sleep through the night? I spoke about how routine is important and can be achieved. In this article, I want to focus on how along with sleep routine, how baby sleeping technique that worked with my baby can be used. We started this technique way early since she was 4 months old and it works to date.

Breakfast ideas for toddlers: Ragi/Millet pancakes/dosa

Morning times are the most hectic times. Packing off lunch for everyone and hustling at the breakfast table is all part of the morning. Cooking breakfast for adults is a piece of cake, but when it comes to breakfast ideas for toddlers, I pretty much freeze. I am constantly harassing my friends with toddlers to share some ideas. One such close friend gave me an excellent recipe for breakfast that is very high in protein and digests real quick for babies and toddlers.

Cord blood banking: To invest or not

Cord blood banking is the new “it” thing recommended to all pregnant mothers by their consulting gynecologist. Now, there are two different opinions when it comes to investing in cord blood banking, ones who are pro and others who are anti. I personally went ahead and invested in one of the leading cord blood bank. During my visits to the doctor and specifically in the last few months of my pregnancy, my doctor shared the information about why it was required.

How important is pretend play for your child's imagination?

Pretend play or role play is nothing but encouraging children to mimic real life people and situations in safety of their environment. Now, we all know that a decade ago, there was no invasion of smartphones and TV’s, thus forcing us to engage in pretend play. I still remember my younger days when me and a friend used to pretend play all the time. Our favorite situation was the bus station.

Postnatal depression: How new mothers can cope?

You just delivered a pretty little bundle of goodness and you’re holding that baby in your hand, but you don’t understand why you can’t stop fighting the tears. Others are looking at you, pacifying you, to let the tears of happiness roll, but deep down you know that these are anything but tears of happiness. This is exactly my situation the very next day my daughter was born. Postnatal depression is real and it happens to all new mothers.

4D ultrasound scan: See your baby before she is out in the world

What if you could see how your baby looks couple of months before she arrives in the world? With the advent of technology it is now possible to see just that. A 4D ultrasound scan can help you visualize what the features of the baby are and how the baby’s body looks. With my daughter, due to some white spots that my doctor saw on her heart, she asked us to go for a 4D ultrasound.