Cord blood banking: To invest or not

Cord blood banking is the new “it” thing recommended to all pregnant mothers by their consulting gynecologist. Now, there are two different opinions when it comes to investing in cord blood banking, ones who are pro and others who are anti. I personally went ahead and invested in one of the leading cord blood bank. During my visits to the doctor and specifically in the last few months of my pregnancy, my doctor shared the information about why it was required.

How important is pretend play for your child's imagination?

Pretend play or role play is nothing but encouraging children to mimic real life people and situations in safety of their environment. Now, we all know that a decade ago, there was no invasion of smartphones and TV’s, thus forcing us to engage in pretend play. I still remember my younger days when me and a friend used to pretend play all the time. Our favorite situation was the bus station.

Postnatal depression: How new mothers can cope?

You just delivered a pretty little bundle of goodness and you’re holding that baby in your hand, but you don’t understand why you can’t stop fighting the tears. Others are looking at you, pacifying you, to let the tears of happiness roll, but deep down you know that these are anything but tears of happiness. This is exactly my situation the very next day my daughter was born. Postnatal depression is real and it happens to all new mothers.